Stone Polishing Pads Have Revolutionized the Flooring Industry

However,Guest Posting natural stone does not remain shining like new for a long time as it absorbs dirt and moisture with use and passage of time. Many people are forced to go for a change of flooring when they cannot stand the sight of dull and unsightly flooring. There is no need to take this extreme step which is very expensive and time consuming as you can restore the original shine of your stone with the help of stone polishing pads containing real diamonds.

Diamonds impregnated in resin concrete polishing machine hire ensure through cleaning in quick time
Diamond is the most abrasive substance on earth and it is able to quickly remove all dirt and even stains from the surface of granite, marble, tile, terrazzo, and even concrete in no time at all. Diamond polishing pads have diamonds impregnated in resin on one side. These pads can be easily attached with the grinder to carry out cleaning and polishing tasks with great efficiency. These wet diamond polishing pads are available in various sizes and shapes to clean and polish the surface. However, the most popular ones are 4’’ in size as they provide a good coverage and can be used in hard to reach places. Good thing about these pads is that they can be used for both dry as well as wet cleaning of surfaces and there is no watery mess to create trouble.

Varying grits to allow polishing of surfaces in different conditions
If you buy dry diamond polishing set, you get 5 pieces of pads with diamonds studded on them. These pads are of varying grits to make it easy to clean the surface thoroughly. There is one pad each of grit 50, 150, 500, 1500, and 3000 and there is a 6th piece with 5/8’’ 11 threaded 4’’ rubber backer for safe and secure attachment with the grinder. All pads are of 1.2 mm thickness and flexible Velcro backed. This means that there are no chances of a mishap or injury while these pads are used with the grinder for cleaning and polishing. The pads produce stunning results on not just granite but also marble and concrete.

These 4 inch diamond sanding discs are very tough and durable and they carry out polishing without overheating the hard surface of granite or marble. They are designed to cause no breakage of the surface over which they are used and can easily polish not just flat but also contoured surfaces. This is the reason why homeowners prefer these polishing pads as they can clean and polish  even kitchen sinks and kitchen countertops that are hard t


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